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Oct 2013


A new face for Neural magazine’s website


Sep 2014

Looking at the last months

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While we’re figuring out our routines to come back to writing after an August of holidays, here’s a quick write up our ventures since February this year. MiniDebConf Barcelona In March, Ana participated in the MiniDeb Conf Barcelona. She presented the Libre Graphics magazine in a talk about libre methodologies in design and in the […]

Jul 2011

Adding user repositories in Fedora 15

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We are now taking our first steps with Fedora 15 after having decided to move on from Ubuntu. Most of the stuff is familiar, with some different applications showing up in place of the usual Ubuntu/Debian ones. One such case is the Fedora package manager, yum, which is used instead of apt. Migrating from apt […]

May 2011

The LGM week in Montréal

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From the 6th to the 15th of May we were at Montréal for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2011. These were intense days and we ended up not managing to post while still there. As a result we got home with a big list of stuff we had done in our heads and just decided to […]

Mar 2011

Scheming and plotting

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For a long while, we were pretty curious about the workings of plotters. Like regular inkjet printers, they work by mechanically moving a printer head over a sheet of paper. Unlike inkjets, plotters use pens to draw, instead of spraying little drops of ink over the paper. This came in useful for specific uses such […]

Feb 2011

Goodbye Dolly, Hello Libre Graphics

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Some weeks ago, during a feed-reading evening, I checked the recipe blog that me and some friends share. We set it up so we could easily share tips and new tricks among us. I took the chance to visit the admin area, and noticed that WordPress and its plug-ins needed updating. As the process went […]

Feb 2011

Generating outline fonts with 5 lines of code

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Contrary to popular belief, free software has its own gems which easily outshine their proprietary counterparts. One of our favourite examples of this is Fontforge. Though one might be misled by its peculiar user interface, Fontforge is a very elegant and powerful tool for type design. However, we think the real killer feature of Fontforge […]