OFLB: Identity Guidelines

We’ve completed a first concise version of the identity guidelines (regard this as alpha!). We took cues from the Novacut guidelines, but left out most of the text describing the base function of a brand and logo, at least for the moment.

Download the PDF version or SVG version. In case you want to open the SVG version, be sure to have the following fonts installed: Maven Pro, Muli, PT Sans, PT Serif.

Taking into account that this document is aimed at designers who will work with/on the OFLB identity, we avoided the usual “Do not do this or that” kind of copy, instead trying to provide tips on how to get around the restrictions in the guidelines.

We want to make an HTML5 version of these guidelines as well, but we have higher priorities in our TODO, namely updating the HTML templates in order to incorporate the new design.

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2 Responses to OFLB: Identity Guidelines

  1. Dave says:

    Panels 5 and 6: The all caps should add extra letterspace. You could use PT Sans Consensed Bold with extra letter space? Should this document follow its own guidelines? :)

    Panels 7 and 8: The ‘yes no’ order should be ‘no yes’ on

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