OFLB: Iterating and re-iterating

We decided that we had to settle on a definitive design for every element in the home page, so that we end up with a fixed repertoire of graphic elements to apply on the other pages. This means we have to decide on the website logo quickly — it’s the kind of creative decision that can drag itself for weeks if we let perfectionism take over. So we want to close that decision today.

Our main issue is that it isn’t exactly trivial to fit the existing OFLB logo with typography. It’s also a consequence of our being too spoiled for choice: if we had a limited set of lead typefaces, or just enough paper for 5 mock-ups, our process would be much more constrained. But in 2011, Inkscape provides us with millions of colours, a considerable set of fonts (that we keep adding to thanks to OFLB and Google Web Fonts) and no worries about wasting paper or ink with our digital mockups. And so, feeling a bit lost among all of the possibilities, we keep iterating in order to hopefully come up with a logo that we’re happy with.

And if we’re not totally happy, tough luck — we definitely need to close this file ASAP, since so many months could be spent in search for the perfect logo, and there’s a lot more work to be done before the end of the month.